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Why Does My Nail Gun Not Shoot Nails – Best Guide

Your Nail Gun Not Shoot Nails. Because Your nail gun may not be firing nails for many reasons. Ensure the nail gun is loaded with the correct size and type of nail. Reload it with the recommended nail type and size.

Check to make sure the nail gun has an adequate air supply. Ensure the power supply is connected. Check to see if the compressor is on. If the pressure gauge indicates low pressure, add more air by refilling your tank with compressed air.

Inspect hoses that may be blocking air from reaching the gun. All hoses are connected to both the compressor and the nail gun. A loose connection can obstruct airflow.


Pneumatic nailers are cheap, reliable tools that can drive hundreds of nails daily for years. It makes it even more exciting when broken. You can take a few methods to resolve the issue if your nailer is jammed. This is a simple remedy that you can carry out on your own. The latter advice is true for pneumatic staplers.

Take your nailer to a reputable service center. If troubleshooting doesn’t work or you feel uncomfortable diagnosing your nailer. Visit our dealer locator to discover an authorized SENCO service center. In the search bar, type in your zip code. After clicking “Filter Options,” select “Repair Center” and “Authorized Warranty Service Center.”

Clear Jams

The most frequent reason for nailers not firing is jamming. Jams are caused by nails jamming against the driver’s, stopping the tool from cycling. They are often easy to clean.

First, turn off the air supply to the tool to ensure your safety. The feeder must be withdrawn. The magazine must be emptied of any excess fasteners. Depending on the nailer you have, you can clear the jam. A unique tool or removal or opening.

Check Your Nails

Loading nails with the wrong gauge, length, angle, or type of assembly for the magazine cause jams. This error can happen even to experienced professionals, especially if you have a variety of fasteners and tools in your shop or job site. Newbies are more likely to make this error than experienced professionals. Use the proper collation type and fastener for your tool. If using the wrong fastener, remove the obstruction and use the correct nail.

Inspect Your Air Supply

The tool is not getting enough air. If it drives the nails, they are not sinking in. Check fittings, hoses, and compressors. Verify that the compressor you use is appropriate for the type of tool you are using. Adjust your air pressure settings. An’t drive nails if the tank doesn’t pull enough CFM or is too tiny. Additionally, keep an ear out for air leaking from the fittings. Use thread sealant tape if needed.

Reload the Magazine

Verify that the magazine has fasteners. Some tools have a lockout mechanism prohibiting fire when the magazine is low. If some fasteners are left, this is to avoid dry firing, which causes stress on the internal parts of the tool. Even worse, if users are firing blanks. Then dry firing may lead to technical errors. See if the tool starts firing again after reloading the magazine.

Clean the Tool

Check your magazine to see if the tool is firing but not feeding the nails. The feeder mechanism could get stuck if the magazine gets dirty, especially on construction sites with a lot of dust and debris. You can check by pulling out the fasteners and turning the feeder shoe back. Use a nylon brush or canned air to clean. When you locate a location where it “hangs.” Additionally, clean the safety actuator on the trigger assembly and nose piece.

Why Does Nail Gun Not Shoot Nails?

Why Does Nail Gun Not Shoot Nails

The nail gun can drive hundreds of nails per day. But a nail gun will not fire. Nail guns won’t fire nails for a variety of reasons. The majority of them are fixable by you with a little more time.

The main causes of a nail gun not firing nails are listed below.

1. The hammer cannon jams

2. Incorrect settings for air pressure

3. Leaks of air

4. A buildup of dirt and dust

5. Using improper or unsuitable nails

6. Not enough fasteners

Why Does Nail Gun Jam?

There are several reasons why nail gun jams. Check to see if your nail gun is jammed and determine the cause if it isn’t firing nails.

The following are the causes of nail gun jams.

1. Improper nail placement

2. Incorrect fasteners

3.Third, wet paper tape.

4. Smack the adherent

5. A lack of lubricant

6. Corrupt fasteners

7. Incorrect fastener sizes

How To Fix a Jammed Nail Gun?

How To Fix a Jammed Nail Gun

Here are the measures to take to clear a jammed nail gun and mend a nail gun that isn’t firing nails.

1. Disconnect the nail gun’s air and power supplies.

2. Release the nose plate front, unscrew the nose bolts, and lift the nose latch.

3. Unlock the barrel.

4. Check for damage and note which components must repair.

5. Replace any damaged pieces, extra fasteners, and jammed nails.

6. the front nose is close.

7. Fix the nose up front. (Confirm that the work contact tool is unlocked.)

8. Add the battery and fuel cell.

How To Fix Improper Air Pressure Settings?

You can take steps to maintain proper nail gun air pressure without damaging your woodwork. It is listed below:

1. Set the air pressure on the nail gun according to the manual.

2. Disassemble the nail gun to inspect the compressor for damage.

3. Replace the air compressor if necessary.

4. Please replace the shooting spring that is broken.

5. To determine the correct air pressure, test it with scrap wood.

Now that you know the solution, you can remedy the nail gun pressure problem. Let’s focus on the effect of air leaks on the nail gun not firing and its solutions.

Why Are Air Pressure Settings Improper?

There are several reasons why air pressure adjustments go wrong. Some occur throughout time, while others do so due to mistakes made by people.

The main causes of incorrect air pressure settings are as follows:

1. The required range for nail gun pressure is too high or too low.

2. The air compressor is malfunctioning.

3. Shooting spring damage.

How To Fix Dust and Dirt Build-Up?

1. Clean the nail gun.

2. Always keep your work area tidy.

3. The nail gun should keep away from dust.

You can move the feeder back and forth to test how the nail gun works. With a nylon brush, clean the hanging areas.

Clean every moving element. Especially triggers

You now know how to remove dust deposits to cure nail gun shooting problems.

Air Leak through the Trigger

The trigger valve has damage if you detect air leaking near the trigger. This happens as a result of the damage that the trigger causes. In that situation, you’ll need to buy a new trigger valve. It would be best if you replaced the trigger valve. You buy a new one and follow the manufacturer’s directions for the nail gun you are employing.

The trigger valve itself can brake as well. This is different from when the nail gun is used, and air may be felt through the trigger. Instead, nothing appears to function at all, indicating that the trigger valve may be to blame. This can also be the case if the trigger valve is not cycling.

The Nail Gun Needs Cleaning

The Nail Gun Needs Cleaning

Maintaining your tools is crucial, and a nail gun is no exception. Many issues can avoid with routine and prompt maintenance.

Dirt and dust can enter due to poor cleaning. Longer periods of inactivity can cause the dust to build up to the point where the nail cannot exit the nail gun.

How to Remove Jammed Nails From a Nail Gun

The first thing you must do is unplug the nail gun and disconnect any air supply. Before removing a jammed nail, ensure the nail gun is unloaded. Next, disassemble the barrel of your nail gun by removing the screws and fasteners that hold it together.

Once you remove the barrel, use a small screwdriver to clear out any nails that may be stuck in a jam once you have cleared away all the nails. You can reassemble your nail gun and reconnect the air supply before testing it again.

Following the steps listed above, you can remove jammed nails from the nail gun. When using power tools, safety should always come first.


Why doesn’t my nail gun shoot nails?

If the air pressure is too weak, your nail gun cannot drive the nail. Other possible causes include a faulty trigger valve, blocked air passage, or worn shooting spring. Be sure to check all these ingredients. Clean any dust from the nail gun before troubleshooting

How do you unclog a nail gun?

To unclog a nail gun, first, make sure the nail gun is unloaded. Make sure any air supply is disconnect. Disassemble the barrel of the nail gun. Use a small screwdriver to remove any jammed nails. Reassemble your nail gun and reconnect the air supply before testing again.

What causes nail gun jams?

Nail Gun Not Shoot Nails. Because Nail gun jams are usually caused by dirt and dust accumulation. False triggers valor-outworn shooting springs. Remember to clean the nail gun. Check the components for any dents or wear and tear. It will assist in avoiding jams in the future if you take the time to repair your nail gun.


Nail Gun Not Shoot Nails.Nail gun air pressure problems can be difficult to diagnose if you don’t know the root cause. However, by understanding the possible causes and taking preventive measures. For example: cleaning your nail gun and checking for blockages or worn parts. You can reduce the chances of these problems arising. Proper maintenance of your nail gun is key to maintaining its optimal performance level.