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Why Did My Nail Gun Stop Working – 9 Causes and Effective Solutions

Have you ever been in the middle of a big project and had your nail gun stop working? It can be among the most annoying things for any carpenter or interior decorator. Don’t despair: there is likely an explanation for why your nail gun has stopped functioning, along with steps to get it back up and running again.

This blog post will look at 9 possible causes and solutions to your question, “Why Did My Nail Gun Stop Working?” We will provide effective solutions for each one. Hope that will help you power through any project with minimal interruption. Continue reading to learn more. 

Why Does Nail Gun Stop Working? 9 Causes and Solutions

1. Jammed Nail Gun

Why Does Nail Gun Jam?

The most common reason a nail gun stops working is that it is jammed with nails. It can happen if too many nails are loaded into the chamber or if they have been placed incorrectly. 

How To Free Jammed Nail Gun?

If your nail gun is jammed, you should first turn off the power and unplug it from its source. Then, remove any nails that may stick in the chamber. If necessary, remove the jam nails with a pair of tweezers or a set of needle-nose pliers. Once all the nails have been removed, you can turn the power back on, and your nail gun should be ready to use once again.

2. Incorrect Air Pressure Settings

Why Are Air Pressure Settings Incorrect?

The amount of air pressure used to drive the nails into materials is one of the most important settings for a nail gun. If this is set too low, it won’t have enough power to drive the nails and could cause them to get stuck in the material or not penetrate it.

How To Fix Incorrect Air Pressure Settings?

Adjusting the air pressure is simple. Most nail guns will have a gauge that will tell you the current setting and allow you to adjust as needed. Once you have set the correct pressure for your project, your nail gun should work.

3. Faulty Power Cord

Why Does Nail Gun Have a Faulty Power Cable?

Another common cause of nail gun failure is a faulty power cable. It could be due to damage or wear over time.

How To Detect Faulty Power Cord and Fix it?

Please inspect the power cable of your nail gun for any evidence of wear or damage. If you notice any signs like fraying or cracks in the insulation, it is important to replace them as soon as possible. A faulty power cord can impact two ways. It may cause your nail gun to stop working. Also can be a safety hazard if exposed wiring comes into contact with the tool or other materials. A professional can repair your nail gun or buy a replacement power cable to avoid this risk.

4. Air Leakage

Why Does Nail Gun Air Leaking?

If your nail gun leaks air, it cannot build up enough pressure to drive the nails correctly. O-rings that are worn out or have a bad seal could be the reason for air leaking.

How To Fix Air Leaks?

You can try replacing the seals and o-rings on your nail gun to fix this issue. It will help create a better seal and stop any air from leaking. You may also need to check for other leaks in the compressor or hose, as these can cause air leakage problems.

5. Dust And Dirt Buildup

Why Do Dust And Dirt Build Up?

The buildup of dust and dirt in a nail gun can be one of the leading causes of why it may stop working. When using a nail gun in a dusty environment, dust and dirt particles can quickly become lodged in the gun’s minuscule cracks. Thus blocking air passages and preventing air from flowing through properly. This blockage can cause the pressure on the nail gun to become too low and prevent it from working.

How Can Dust and Dirt Build Up Be Fixed?

It is important to regularly clean the nail gun’s air filter to fix this issue. You can perform the task with a vacuum cleaner having a hose attachment to get into tight spaces and remove the buildup of dust and dirt. You should also check and replace the air filter if it gets too dirty or clogged. Additionally, you should always ensure that your nail gun is in an area free from dust and dirt for optimal performance.

6. Using Improper Or Unsuitable Nails

Why Aren’t Any Nails Usable In A Nail Gun?

Using the wrong type of nails in your nail gun can cause jamming and misfires. It is because the nail specification varies for specific materials and guns. So, using the wrong ones could damage the internal components of your nail gun or cause them to malfunction.

How to Correct Using the Wrong Nails in the Nail Gun?

The best way to fix using improper nails in a nail gun is to make sure that the right nails are being used for the job. It is crucial to review the details of the nail gun before purchasing any nails. Before utilizing them, make sure they are compatible with the particular model. Consider the nails’ size, form, and material while selecting the best ones. It is also important to inspect the nails regularly and ensure they are not damaged or worn out, as this can cause jamming and misfires in the nail gun.

7. Inadequate Fasteners

Why Do Nail Guns Fire Dry?

Nail gun dry firing is when the nail gun is fired without an object or material in place to be secured. It can occur due to inadequate fasteners, such as nails that are too short for the job or too narrow for the material they are being used on. A clogged air filter can also cause inadequate fasteners. It prevents enough air pressure from reaching the nails and thus causes them to stay in their place.

How To Fix Dry Firing?

It’s crucial to use the proper battery for your specific nail gun. Regularly inspect nail guns to make sure they are not broken or worn out. Additionally, you should ensure that your nail gun is cleaned and maintained to prevent a clogged air filter from occurring. By doing this, the likelihood of future dry firing will be decreased.

8. Improper Maintenance

Why Does Nail Gun Need Proper Maintenance?

To keep nail guns operating smoothly and effectively, they must maintain them well. If the nail gun is not taken care of, it can lead to problems such as dry firing, jamming, misfires, and other issues. Proper maintenance also helps prolong the tool’s life and prevent unexpected accidents or injuries.

How To Ensure Proper Maintenance Of Nail Gun?

It is crucial to adhere to the manufacturer’s cleaning and maintenance guidelines to ensure the effective upkeep of a nail gun; It includes following any lubrication or maintenance schedules. Also, regularly inspect the gun for signs of wear and tear. Moreover, it is important to replace worn-out parts or components immediately to avoid potential issues. Last but not least, be sure that any nails used are the appropriate size and form for the task.

9. Low Battery

Why Is Nail Gun Shooting Stopped by Low Battery?

A low battery can cause a nail gun to stop shooting for several reasons:

  • The battery may not have enough power to trigger the motor, which propels the nails out of the chamber.
  • A low battery voltage may malfunction an electrical component in the gun. Thus preventing the hammer from striking properly.
  • A weak battery can also cause the nail gun to misfire due to a lack of power.

How To Fix Low Battery?

The best way to fix a low battery issue in a nail gun is to replace the batteries with new ones. It’s crucial to use the proper battery for your specific nail gun. It will ensure that it has the right power to trigger the motor and prevent any misfires. Additionally, it is critical to check the battery levels and replace them as necessary constantly. You’ll be able to avoid any potential issues.


If you ask, ” Why Did My Nail Gun Stop Working,” you can check a few things before taking it to a professional. First, make sure there is no jammed nail stuck in the mechanism. If the air pressure settings are incorrect, this may also be causing your nails to come out incorrectly or not at all. Air leakage can also cause problems with your nail gun’s performance, so check for any leaks and repair them properly.

Finally, dust and dirt buildup can also prevent your nail gun from working correctly, so keep it clean. With these nine effective solutions, you should be able to fix your nail gun problem and get back to work in no time. Do you have more solutions for fixing a stopped nail gun? Let us know in the comments!


Why is my Paslode nail gun not firing?

There may be various causes for your Paslode nail gun not to fire. It could be due to low battery power, an electrical component malfunctioning, or using inadequate fasteners. To fix this issue, you should ensure that the batteries are properly charged and replaced when needed. Follow any maintenance schedules for the gun, and use the right nails for the job. Moreover, it’s critical to check your nail gun routinely. And replace any worn-out parts or components as soon as possible to prevent issues with firing.

Why is my nail gun only shooting air?

There could be many reasons your nail gun is only shooting air, such as low battery power or an electrical component malfunctioning. To fix this issue, you should check the battery levels and replace them if needed, as well as inspect the nail gun for any signs of wear or damage.

The user’s guide provided by the manufacturer may also be helpful. Or visit the website for further troubleshooting tips and guidance. Finally, you may need professional help to repair or replace damaged parts to restore your nail gun to normal functioning.

Do nail guns need oiling?

Yes, it would help if you oil guns regularly to ensure their proper and efficient performance. You need to do it as part of the regular maintenance process for the gun. Applying a tiny amount of lubrication or oil to the tool’s working parts is necessary. Various nail guns could require various kinds or quantities of oil.

Therefore, reviewing the manufacturer’s manual or website for detailed instructions and recommendations is crucial. Additionally, you may need professional help if unsure how to oil your nail gun.

Is it OK to dry fire a nail gun?

The risks associated with dry firing a nail gun depend on various conditions. Consequently, there is no simple solution to this problem. For example, whether the gun has been adequately maintained or used properly can impact the safety of dry firing. The materials used in your gun may also be affected by dry fire, such as if any weak or brittle parts may break or malfunction.

Ultimately, the best action is to check with the manufacturer’s recommendations. And follow the guidelines for your particular nail gun before dry firing it. It will assist you in preventing any potential safety hazards or tool damage.

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