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We love combo kits. Why? Simply because of its cost-effective, time saver, and quality products in one case. Buying those tools in a combo pack separately takes a lot of money, time, and hassle. There are a lot of combinations for these combo packs. Decide what you need at first and then choose one that fits best for your requirements. Here, we have PORTER-CABLE PCCK617L6 20V Combo Kit which includes 6 different tools. Later in this review, we’ll cover detailed specifications of PORTER-CABLEpower tools, some frequently asked questions, and our thought on this product.The following items are included in this package.

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Item list

1. One ½” compact drill driver (model: PCC601)

2. One ¼” Hex Impact Driver (model: PCC641)

3. One 5.5” Circular Saw (model: PCC661)

4. One Reciprocating Saw (model: PCC671)

5. One Oscillating Multi-Tool (model: PCC710)

6. One Pivoting Flashlight (model: PCC701)

7. One USB Charging Device (model: PCC698L)

8. Two Lithium Batteries (model: PCC682L)

9. One Battery Charger (model: PCC691L)

10. One Large Kit Bag

11. One Screw-driving Double Ended Bit

12. One 5.5” 18 Tooth Carbide Blade

13. One 6” Wood Cutting Reciprocating Blade

14. OneWood/Metal Cutting Blade

15. Ten Sanding Papers

16. OneSanding Platen

17. OneGrout Scraper

18. OneRigid Scraper

Compact Drill Driver

Here’s a quick spec for PORTER-CABLE drill driver.

Model : PCC601 Chuck

size : 1/2 inch

UWO : 283 unit watts out

Volt : 20 V

Gearbox : 2-speed gearbox (0-350/0-1,500)

Weight : 3.5 lbs.

Length : 8.5 inches

The compact drill driver tool in PORTER-CABLE PCCK617L6 package is a very powerful one. The drill drivers which have ½” chuck size are more powerful than 3/8” chuck sized drill drivers. There’s a built-in LED light in the handle to work easily in darkness. The motor is 283 UWO and it has a 2-speed gearbox which ensures high performance. Compact size with 8.5” in length and lightweight helps to work in tight spaces.

Hex Impact Driver

Take a look at the quick spec for PORTER-CABLE Hex Impact Driver.

Model: PCC641 Chuck

size: 1/4 inch

Volt: 20 V

RPM: 2,900 Rotations per Minute

BPM: 3,000 Blows per Minute

Torque : 1,450 lbs. per inch

The hex impact driver in PORTER-CABLE toolset has the specifications of a high-performance hex driver. Around 1000 lbs. per inch torque is considered to be a forceful one. And here we have 1450 lbs. per inch torque which is pretty sick. You can easily do heavy-duty work with a lot of ease. The chuck has a quick releasing feature for one-handed operation. There’s also an LED light for working in dark.

Circular Saw

Here’s a quick specification for the PORTER-CABLE circular saw.

Model: PCC661 Blade

size: Diameter of 5.5 inches

Volt: 20 V

RPM: 3,700 Rotations per Minute

Tooth: Total 18-tooth carbide blade

Cutting: 2-1/8” cutting capacity

The specs of the PORTER-CABLE circular saw indicates that it is capable of some intense cutting. For bevel cuts, it has beveling shoe (50 degrees). Here, the diameter of the blade is 5.5 inches. You can choose other packages if you need different blade size. The high performance can deliver up to 3,700 rotations per minute. It is capable of a variety of cutting applications.

Reciprocating Saw

Take a look at the quick specification for PORTER-CABLE Reciprocating Saw.

Model: PCC671

Volt: 20 V

SPM: 3,000Strokes per Minute

 The Reciprocating Sawin PORTER-CABLE combo kit is a very useful tool for remodeling and demolition. You must wear glasses while using a Reciprocating Saw. It has tool-free blade clamp which allows you to remove or insert blades easily and quickly. The compact design of the tool allows sawing in awkward spaces.

Oscillating Multi-Tool

Have a look at amazing PORTER-CABLE Oscillating Multi-Tool.

Model: PCC710

Volt: 20 V

OPM : 8,000-18,000 oscillations per Minute

As a PORTER-CABLE tool, Oscillating Multi-Tool gives you the ability to sand, saw, grind, rasp, cut, polish, and scrape. This one is very powerful, precise, and efficient. Because you can perform multiple works with just one tool. It also includes tool-free blade clamp for easier blade insertion or removal. Universal fitment and an LED gives you the power to work in darkness. We’ve finished the PORTER-CABLE PCCK617L6 review for power tools. From this point on, all reviewed devices are accessories and supporting tools for those power tools. Click here to check the best available price for PORTER-CABLE PCCK617L6 20V Combo Kit.

Pivoting Flashlight

Now, we have PORTER-CABLE Pivoting Flashlight.

Model: PCC701

Volt: 20 V

LEDs: Only one LED

The Flashlight made us a little bit disappointed. Because other packages include multiple LEDs in the Flashlight while PORTER-CABLE PCCK617L6 is providing only one LED. But it’s not that bad. You can still illuminate your work surface with it. You can easily mount it on the tool you’re using. Totally hands-free operation capability.


PORTER-CABLE tool set includes 2 Li-ion Batteries.

Model: PCC682L

Volt: 20 V

Material: Lithium-Ion

The PORTER-CABLE batteries are a little less powerful than other competitors. So, we’re also disappointed with batteries. We are not complaining about performance. The batteries should be more than 2.0Ah, that’s all. The runtime according to its specification is okay.


PORTER-CABLE combo kit includes one USB charging device and one battery charger.

Model: PCC698L for USB charging device

Model: PCC691L for battery charger

The USB charging device can charge up to 2 small compatible electronic devices simultaneously. You can charge anywhere you want. The PORTER-CABLE charger, on the other hand, charges the two batteries included in the PORTER-CABLE toolset. These two types of charger are great help for all kinds of charging you need at work.

Kit Bag

The standard large-sized kit bag stores all PORTER-CABLE power tools for further uses. The bag is well-made and the tools’ sharp edge can’t do harm easily.


PORTER-CABLE combo kit also has some accessories given for starting the work immediately after buying. You will find these accessories in your local store and on Amazon. Here we have,

Here we have,

1. One Screw-driving Double Ended Bit

2. One 5.5” 18 Tooth Carbide Blade

3. One 6” Wood Cutting Reciprocating Blade

4. One Wood/Metal Cutting Blade

5. Ten Sanding Papers

6. One Sanding Platen

7. One Grout Scraper

8. One Rigid Scraper

Final Verdict

The individual products in this combo pack will cost more than twice what this pack costs for. Reliability is guaranteed with 3-year manufacturer’s warranty. With ultimate performance and ergonomic design, purchasing PORTER-CABLE PCCK617L6 20V Combo Kit would be a wise decision.