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PORTER-CABLE PCC790LA 20V Cordless Brad Nailer

Looking for a brad nailer and have a low budget? No worry, we are now introducing a very low budget nailer to you. We choose it not only for its budget side but also it uses a battery. So you don’t need a compressor, hose, or expensive gas cartridges. It runs with 20V lithium-ion battery which can nail up to 1300 nails per charge. The machine has special design that provides firing power into various materials and climate conditions. This porter cable nail gun features multiple tool-free settings which help to increase productivity and user safety. The PORTER-CABLE PCC790LA 20V Cordless Brad Nailer can be the best choice for handy users and who are not hardcore nailer.

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Then PORTER-CABLE PCC790LA 20V Cordless Brad Nailer adds something new to your taste. Because the porter cable brad nailer is powered by the battery instead of the compressor. It means that you don’t need to struggle with heavy air-compressors which increases the weight of the nailer also. Moreover, you don’t have to face the loud noise of compressors.There are many other unique features in porter cable nail gun which are given below :


  • Product Models: PCC790LA (kit), PCC790B (bare tool)
  • Power: Porter-Cable 20V Lithium-ion
  • Magazine Capacity: 100 fasteners
  • Product Dimension: 13.9 x 5 x 12 inches
  • Product Weight: 8.1 pounds
  • Batteries Included: Yes
  • Fastener Type: Brad Nails
  • Magazine Angle: Straight
  • Warranty Description: 3 years
  • Nature: This cordless brad nailer is battery-powered, eliminating the need for a compressor, hose, or expensive gas cartridges
  • Driving depth: Depth adjustment wheel allows you to properly countersink nails consistently.
  • The lower possibility of failures: a tool-free release lever, jam release, and depth adjustment wheel make your life easier and reduces the failure rates. 


18 gauge nailers are smaller as you now. It’s great for startup users. It removes the hassle of using air-powered nailer. Technology is now trending to the battery-powered machine and the porter cable brad nailer is the winner here.

PORTER-CABLE is synonymous with woodworking and finishing –battery-operated nailers are the natural progression of the 20V MAX* system. This new line will provide the tradesman with convenience and efficiency over pneumatic equipment.”

– Michael Dougherty, Porter-Cable Construction and DIY Product Manager

Special motor design

For consistent firing power into various materials, the machine of this nailer is specially designed. You can use it any climate condition. It is very lightweight and portable.

Battery Powered

Porter cable 20v is 100% battery powered which eliminates the use of compressor, hose and costly gas cartridges. It uses a 20v Lithium-ion battery which is pretty good. We nailed 1000 using this porter cable brad nailer and haven’t charge it yet. So it’s pretty sure you will get a very good battery charge. The company says it nails up to 1300 nails with a single charge. I hope you’ll get that.


I was impressed with the nailer the first time I used it. Nice size and very lightweight and portable. It feels solid in hands and very well built. The ergonomics are great and easy to access every part of this nailer. The optimal center of gravity provides comfort in various positions which reduces user fatigue.

Tool-free settings

The multiple tool-free settings help to increase productivity and user safety. You will get tool-free jam release, tool-free depth adjustment wheel, tool-free stall release lever, rubber over-mold. This will give you extra comfort and ease of use.

LED Lights

The LED light impress me also. The multi-functional LED lights give you error indication and workspace illumination.


  • No need for compressor: Compressor makes the size of the nailer large. It is also the reason for the heavyweight of nailer in maximum case. So the best part of this porter cable brad nailer is that there is no compressor connected to it. Actually, it doesn’t need any compressor to run the nailer. porter cable 20v is a cordless brad nailer that runs the battery instead of the compressor. The absence of compressor makes porter cable 20v lightweight. Since there is no compressor, there is no noise which supposed to occur because of compressors. In a nutshell, manufacturers have made this porter cable nail gun smartly for smart users of the nailer.
  • Consistent driving depth: The driving depth of porter cable 20v is very consistent in comparison to other nailers in the market. Inconsistent depth adjuster is one of the reasons for misfires in nailers. If you are not able to adjust the depth of it appropriately, it can result in misfires. In case of some nailers, it takes much time to adjust the depth of it. But in case of porter cable nail gun, it doesn’t take much time to adjust. Moreover, porter cable brad nailer maintains the consistency in depth adjustment. The depth adjustment wheel of porter cable nail gun allows you consistently countersink nails which reduces the rate of misfires also. 
  • Increases nailer’s productivity: The productivity rate of porter cable 20v is very high. It is much efficient to give you a consistent result for a long time. There are so many unique features of porter cable 20v which have reduced the failures of porter cable 20v on average. The reasons for its productivity are tool-free release lever, jam release, and depth adjustment. As it has tool-free release lever, it reduces the rate of accidental misfires. Jam release feature is also used to release the jam which may happen due to breakless nailing for a long time. And lastly, the depth adjuster of it is very much consistent and easy to adjust within a short time.
  • Long-lasting battery life: Since PORTER-CABLE PCC790LA 20V MAX Lithium 18GA Cordless Brad Nailer Kit, Includes Battery and Charger is powered by the battery, the lifetime of it is long-lasting. The capacity of its battery is 1.5 Ah 20V MAX Lithium-ion. This capacity is pretty enough to run porter cable 20v for the longest time. Its capacity is good enough to run the nailer for a long time in comparison to NiCad. Long-lasting battery life is mandatory for professional users. Because they have to use their nailer for day long without any break. That’s how professionals really need porter cable 20v which runs the battery with long-lasting lifetime. As porter cable 20v runs the battery instead of the compressor, it is very lightweight and portable for professionals and non-professionals also.
  • After purchase service: PORTER-CABLE will repair any defects due to faulty materials or workmanship for three years from the date of purchase without any charge which is one of the attractive parts of it. The manufacturer of it doesn’t discharge their duty after selling their product to you. They also take the responsibility of any that you may face while using it for three years which is enough for professional users. Within these three years whenever you face any problem, they are always with you to solve those. 

In Short-

  • Up to 1300 nails with single battery charge
  • Faster range
  • Multiple tool-free settings which provide productivity and safety
  • Consistent firing power for special motor designing
  • Can be used any climate condition
  • Multi-functional dual LED lights

Cons with the solution

Before start writing porter cable 18-gauge brad nailer review, we have used this nailer a lot and tested it in various ways. To be honest we found some cons. For medium level and DIY workers it would be the best choice.

Misfires: It has complained that after a few hours of working, it starts to misfire. 

Solution: You should adjust the depth properly before starting to work. If you do so, it won’t misfire after few hours. Always careful to have enough charge in the nailer. 

In Short-

  • Not for hardcore nailer or constructor
  • For medium level works

Before start writing porter cable 18-gauge brad nailer review, we have used this nailer a lot and tested it various ways. To be honest we found nothing to say things as its cons. For medium level and DIY workers it would be the best choice.

Questions and Answers(Q&A)

  • Q: Can I use it for repairing my fence?
  • A: You can. But you shouldn’t use a pin nailer outside the nails. We would recommend using outdoor screws.
  • Q: Does this include a battery?
  • A: No. But you can get the battery by ordering the “20V MAX Lithium Brad Nailer Kit”.
  • Q: Can it be used in shed farming also?
  • A: No. It only finish brad nailer. You shouldn’t try to build a shed with finish nails/brad.
  • Q: What’s its battery charger voltage?
  • A: 120V
  • Q: Are battery interchangeable?
  • A: No, they are not interchangeable

Final Verdict

Despite some drawbacks, PORTER-CABLE PCC790LA 20V Cordless Brad Nailer is unique in its nature. Porter cable brad nailer will deliver you many rare advantages that are not available in other nailers in the market. You just have to charge the battery and you can enjoy it for a long time without any misfire or jam. So don’t waste your time using air-powered nailers and use this portable nailer for having a smooth experience in nailing. Porter cable is no stranger to a regular nailer. They have first launched the cordless porter cable nail gun. The main barrier to developing a cordless nailer is always air power. But in the past few years, battery technology has caught up to the point and can use as a sole power source. Porter cable brad nailer is an example of that. For every DIY and medium level workers we are highly recommending this nailer. After reading the porter cable 18 gauge brad nailer review if you decide to own a one, go and buy it.