NuMax SXL31,16 Gauge Finish Nailer

Some want to use a brad nailer as it is perfect for attaching small pieces of wood. For example to attach lightweight trim a brad nailer is perfect. Many want to have finish nailer to attach heavy pieces of wood. For example to attach cabinets or baseboards, you will need finish nailer. Do you want to have a nailer that can provide you purpose of using both finish nailer and brad nailer in one nailer? Then NuMax SXL31,16 Gauge Finish Nailer is perfect for you as it can fire both 16 gauge finish nails and 18 gauge brad nails. Moreover, Numax finish nailer has many more features which are given below :


In short-

Firing Capacity: Numax nailer fires 16 gauge finish nails, 18 gauge brad nails and 18 gauge narrow crown staples.

Adjustable exhaust: Numax finish nailer is equipped with a 360-degree adjustable exhaust, adjustable depth control

Operating pressure: 60-115 psi and a magazine capacity of 100 pieces

Ideal: It is ideal for baseboards, shoes,furniture trim, crown moldings, window casings, and chair rail.

Warranty Description: The warranty of this product is limited for 1 Year.


Additional offerings: An aluminum magazine and cylinder

Weight: The weight of the Numax finish nailer is 4.8lbs

Part Number: The part number of the Numax nailer is SXL31

Product Dimensions: The whole dimension of this product is 12.3 x 3.3 x 12.2 inches

Item model number: SXL31

Item Package Quantity: 1

In Brief-

A) NuMax SXL31 3-in-1 16 and 18 Gauge Finish Nailer belongs to both 16 and 18 gauge finish nailer capacity. You can use nu max nailer for attaching small pieces of wood or even for attaching cabinets or baseboards. So both brad and finish nailer purpose will be solved with this Numax finish nailer. Numaxnailer is known as three in one nailer because here three types of firing capacity. One is 16 gauge finish nails, second one is 18 gauge narrow crown nail and third one is 18 gauge brad nails. This is great news that all these three types of firing capacity are present in numax finish nailer. You can switch among these three firing modes.

B) The depth exhauster is flexible to use as you can move it from 360 degree angle in order to control its depth. The operating pressure of Numax nailer is enough to drive 100 pieces at a time. Its operating pressure is 60-115 psi and its magazine can load 100 nails at a time. So there remains a good consistency between operating pressure and capacity of the magazine. It happens in case of many nailers that the consistency between operating pressure and magazine capacity may not good. However, this will not happen in this nu max nailer.

C) The magazine and cylinder of the Numax finish nailer are made of aluminum. This increases the durability of the nailer for long days. And the evidence of this is that numax nailer will provide you warranty of one year. They are giving this warranty because of its compact design. Again, this material of its construction has made it lightweight. The weight of it is only 4.8 lbs. So you are getting both sturdy design and lightweight nailer at the same time.


  • Stronger holding power: The holding power of this numax nail is very strong. It has 16 gauge finish nails and 18 gauge brad nails which will allow the nose of the nailer to go deeper and tighter spaces. That’s how it will strengthen the holding power of the nailer.Due to this feature, numax nailer is suitable for nailing baseboards, shoe, furniture trim, crown moldings, window casings and chair rail where you actually need heavy holding power.
  • Ease to attach on drywall: Generally, when you are installing baseboards, furniture trim, crown moldings, window casings, and chair rail, you have to attach it directly to drywall. Drywalls are not made of sound materials to anchor to the base. Using Numax finish nailer will allow you to install your heavy objects on drywall directly even if the drywall is not strong enough.
  • Larger diameter head: The diameter of the head of the finish nailer is large enough to hold heavy pieces of wood. It has 360 degree adjustable exhaust with adjustable depth controller. So this larger diameter of the head of nu max nailer will assure you right grip of your objects with the nail.
  • Clear the jams without tools: There is no jam while using this Numax nailer. If the nailer gets stuck on the way, you can’t proceed. But using Numax finish nailer will relieve you from this pain as you won’t have to face any jam during nailing.
  • Two in one: NuMax SXL31,16 Gauge Finish Nailer has both 16 gauge finish nails and 18 gauge brad nails. It allows you the opportunity to switch from 16 gauge finish nails to 18 gauge brad nails or 18 gauge brad nails and 16 gauge finish nails. You can use anyone when you need.

Cons with the Solution

  • It leaves a much larger than normal striking mark in the wood: The mark is larger than normal marks on the wood. The way it works is, the 16 gauge nails load on one side of the magazine, the 18 gauges on the other, and the striking hammer is the wide enough to hit whichever nail is in its path. It makes total sense from a mechanical standpoint, but it leaves a crater in the wood that is twice the width of a normal 16 gauge nail, and about 3 or 4 times the area of an 18 gauge nail.
  • Solution: It is because the head is designed to work with brads, finishing nails and staples. It doesn’t have to. Test the type of fastener you’re using on the kind of materials you’re working with, and dial the depth control until there’s no mark. Be sure you’re using the same materials. I.e. for trim work use a scrap of the trim and a piece of wood like whatever you’re attaching the trim to as backing for best results. For paint grade trim projects, this is no problem, as the crater will get filled with caulk and painted and disappear, and that's the same amount of work regardless of the size of the crater. For stain-grade (i.e. oiled or varnished unpainted wood), the larger crater is pretty uncool. Clients for high-end jobs who are paying primo for fancy knot-free woods won't be satisfied. One way to mitigate this is to back off the depth setting so the nail is just above grade and then sink them all at the end of the project with a nail set. If the problem is not solved yet, you have to contact the manufacturer to solve this issue.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Question: Is this item good for building a partition wall or just for finishing?
  • Answer: Finishing. This is not for framing. It is only for finish work, cabinetry, and other light use. Although, the 16 gauge nails could be used on some non-supportive constructions. It will work since you can use brad nails and finish nails.
  • Question: what does it mean that this is an aftermarket of the generic part?
  • Answer: It means that whoever wrote that did not speak or understand English. It is not named brand. It doesn't mean that it has any problem with its performance.
  • Question: Does this come with a case?
  • Answer: No, just a cardboard box
  • Question: Any tricks to opening the access port to clear a jamb?
  • Answer: You should be able to pull up on the metal tab near the front and it should unlock and open the front. Or you can pull up on the latch and open the jam release. Careful not to bend or damage the driver blade, you can use plier or a screwdriver to remove the jammed fastener.
  • Question: What brand nails will fit in this gun?
  • Answer: You can use Bostitch 16 gauge nails on the 16 gauge side and Porter Cable 18 gauge on the 18 gauge side. Any 16 gauge headed nail will work. No jams with their brand. And the nails don't break when you pull them.

Final Verdict

In spite of some drawbacks, NuMax SXL31,16 Gauge Finish Nailer is recommended to any homeowner or hobbyist. They will enjoy nailing while using this nu max nailer because it will give less jam during nailing than any traditional nailer. It will also provide you stronger holding strength of your boards, shoe, furniture trim, crown moldings, window casings and chair rail with the nail. One of the establishments of development work and repair undertakings is the need to secure two objects together, and nails are much of the time the latches of decision. For little occupations, for example, hanging a photo on a divider, a customary paw mallet, and some free nails will do the job, however in the event that the job needing to be done is more included or tedious, you might need to buy a nail weapon, otherwise known as nailer. Since nail fire guns take a small amount of the time and exertion associated with pounding nails by hand, they can change a long development assignment into a fundamentally more sensible one.

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