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How to Install Chair Rail Without a Nail Gun

Besides protecting your walls from damage, the molding will also help tie your room together aesthetically—excellent do-it-yourself addition to any house. You could think that high-tech equipment is essential to complete the task at hand, but you’d be surprised at how much more efficient it is to search for alternatives.

There will use a nail gun for molding tasks such as adding chair rails. It’s essential to know how to install a chair rail without a nail gun, just in case. Without a nail gun, promising future activities would be challenging to complete. That article will show you how to install a chair rail correctly without a nail gun.

What is chair rail molding?

Chair rail molding was initially installed to prevent wall damage caused by chairs. It is now a desirable addition to any house. A chair rail molding can assist you in doing just that. It’s the kind of stylish element that can tie a room together. The wall decoration serves multiple purposes besides improving the room’s beauty.

How to Install Chair Rail Without a Nail Gun

Without these essentials, installation cannot proceed. If you don’t do some basic math before starting this, you won’t be able to keep the costs down very much. Remember to take all reasonable steps before beginning the installation process. Getting the placement and use of the miter saw right the first time around is essential.

Chair Rail-How to Install It in Easy Steps

Calculate The Measurements

Remember that the lowest third of your home is where you should install it, and verify that you have enough molding for the job. It’s essential to account for corners, so you don’t have unnecessary space.

Look for the studs.

It’s time to locate the wall studs. Start by passing a stud finder along the wall when you hear a beep, then put a marking down there.

Insert screws directly into the wall studs

Drill nails through the mold and into the wall studs once you’ve located them. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t dig too deeply!

Cut at an angle

The breadboard has two edges, one with a tongue and one with a groove. Put your miter saw against the edges. The beadboard needed to be shortened. If you want perfect corner seams, hold the parts together with the tops touching.

Secure the trim

You can now take an essential step. Use wall adhesive to adhere the molding to the wall and fasten it with finishing nails.

Always drill as deeply as necessary to anchor the chair rail firmly. To polish off your finished product, utilize a finishing tool.

Complete the Final Touch

The tool is helpful for both the top and bottom of your paper. It can hide nails with wood putty, and caulk can hold the edges together. We ask that you please dry it properly.

Sand the caulk and putty using fine grit paper the following day to make any rough spots disappear. When you’re ready, go ahead and paint any way you choose.


Here are the essential elements for Install Chail Rail:

  • Hammer
  • Nails finished
  • Safety elements
  • Scale (Tape)
  • Glue
  • Miter saw

Measures for Safety

There is a straightforward method to ensure everyone’s safety: wear protective gear over any possible vulnerable areas. Although many avoid mistakes by focusing intently, many accidents still happen.

  • Put on the rubber gloves first to protect your hands.
  • Put on goggles to avoid any damage to your vision.
  • Wear a helmet to safeguard your head.
  • Finally, protect your feet by wearing a solid pair of boots.

Why you shouldn’t use nail guns to put in moldings

You now know everything there is to know about chair rail moldings. The only thing left to figure out is how to put them up. Start by buying a lot of nails.

Moldings are often put up with a nail gun, but there are more accessible and more effective ways. It can use glue or caulk to attach molds to walls in a safe manner. But why do you want to look for other options?

Holding on to adhesives can keep people from dying in crashes. If you don’t handle them right, they can hurt you. But when time is of the essence, you can use glue and finishing nails instead of a nail gun.

You’ll damage the wall and molding if you don’t know what you’re doing with the guns. It would be a shame for this beautiful molding to get a crack.

Lastly, you might not like using a nail gun to attach the molding to the wall. But what if you want to change your house, such as getting rid of the chair rail? It will be hard to get rid of, and it will be hard to fix the damage it does.


Can you glue the chair rail to the wall?

Put wood glue or construction adhesive on the back of the initial chair rail piece. Fasten it to the wall by putting the bottom edge of the wood on the line. You should hold each part together with two 2-1/2-inch finishing nails lined up.

How do you use nails for chair rails?

You should hold each piece together with two 2-1/2-inch finishing nails lined up. Apply additional wood glue at the junction when joining two ends in a miter joint, and then drive two finishing nails through into studs to complete the seam. To make the nail heads disappear completely, use a nail set.

How high should a chair rail be from the floor?

Install them at 32 inches from the floor if you have a regular 8-foot ceiling. In most cases, the chair rail will be mounted too high on the wall, which is why you should exercise caution.

How about an alternative to a chair rail?

Building a chair rail to complement your interior design is a simple and effective method of wall covering. Select a stack of placemats, connect them to a ribbon with a staple gun, and in approximately 15 minutes, your walls will look clean and fresh.

Why should you install chair rail molding?

Any suggestions for a home makeover? Moldings for the chair rail are the solution. It can hide faults in the wall or smooth out the paint.

Giving your home a makeover worthy of a magazine spread is quick and easy. A chair rail molding in your home can increase its value. Keep in mind that this is a desirable feature for home buyers and renters alike.

Final Take

Chair rails are an excellent addition to any room; you don’t need fancy tools to put them up. But it is possible if you know how to put up chair rails without a nail gun. When you know how to put up a chair rail without needing a nail gun, your living space will be more comfortable, and everyone will love it. All you need to do is pay more attention to your work. Ensure that it does not even affect the wall when you use a hammer to put finished nails where you want them. Be careful with what you do. Cutting the 45-degree angle is the start of the hard part.