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Hitachi NT65MA4 15 Gauge Angled Finish Nailer

New at nailing? No problem, check our Brad Nailer reviews. Brad nail guns are for small and lightweight projects. But here we have a gun for heavy projects. 15-gauge nail guns are used when you need nails to have the strength to hold something. Without finish nailer, extra touch on put down nails might be needed. Because finish nail guns are so much strong that no extra work is needed. We present Hitachi NT65MA4 15 Gauge Angled Finish Nailer. Let’s have a quick spec before we jump into the Hitachi NT65MA4 review.

“Disclaimer – Hitachi brand new name is Metabo HPT”

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  • Brand: Hitachi
  • Model: NT65MA4
  • Nail Lengths: 1-1/4″ to 2-1/2″
  • Nail Diameter: 15-Gauge
  • Magazine: Rear loading
  • Nail Capacity: 100
  • Pressure: 70-120 psi
  • Dimension (W x H x L): 3-7/32″ x 11-31/32″ x 13-17/32″
  • Weight: 4.4 lbs.


Features of Hitachi finish nailer are of a premium quality nailer. The main advantage you’ll find is a neat and clean workspace after the work is done. Because Hitachi NT65MA4 has integrated air duster which clears away dust and debris from the surface. That helps you for further nailing or gluing.Another amazing feature is switching between modes without any extra tool. We have both contact and sequential nailing options. You can easily switch between two with a simple flip of the switch.

Nail jammed? No problem. The model NT65MA4 Hitachi made includes a tool-free jam release mechanism. The nail extraction is now easier than ever before.Different material for nailing job needs different pressure. That’s why NT65MA4 has tool-free depth adjustment feature ensuring quick but maximum quality for the job.The adjustable exhaust portal exhausts air from the user and it is 360° rotatable. It also has a no-mar tip that protects the work surface from any kind of damage.Those are some features for our Hitachi NT65MA4 review. Let’s talk about those in details.


It’s a pneumatic nailer. So, the air is its power source. Hitachi NT65MA4 is a very powerful nailer and you can complete almost all kinds of nailing jobs with it. Just an air compressor is needed, that’s all.The air pressure is adjustable. Many pneumatic nail guns don’t have the feature of changing the pressure of shooting the nail. Many have the feature but need a tool to do it. But Hitachi finish nailer gives you the ability with the tool-free feature of depth adjustment.The air fitting of the nailer is angled upwards. It eventually keeps the compressor hose out of the way. So, nothing comes in between you and the work surface.


The model NT65MA4 Hitachi made is for 15-gauge nails ranging in length from 1.25” to 2.5”. This gun allows 100 nails per load. The magazine is angled 34-degree and designed carefully so that you can nail in awkward spaces easily.NT65MA4 only weighs 4.2 lbs. and the weight is perfect for nailing with a steady shooting. Too much lightweight can cause bumpy missed outshoot. Too much weight can cause nailing delayed. So, the weight of the tool is important for a better experience which Hitachi did pretty intelligently.


Hitachi NT65MA4 includes some tool-free features which keep it one step ahead. Easiness and quickness are important while nailing to finish any nailing job perfectly in time. Many face problems with switching between sequential and contact nailing options. Both modes have advantages in different nailing jobs. Hitachi NT65MA4 includes a switch that can be easily flipped. That’s how you can easily switch modes.34-degree magazine angle also helps to improve easiness of the tool. With a slick design, you can easily nail in tight spaces and corners.

Tool-free features

Hitachi finish nailer has some amazing tool-free features. This helps to remove all time-consuming problems. Thus, you can finish the job as quickly as possible. First of all, tool-free depth adjustment is a huge help. One can do it manually by adjusting air pressure from the air compressor but it kills a lot of valuable time. Easy navigation on the tool makes it quick and simple.

Secondly, you can free jammed nails by its tool-free nail extraction feature. You know how much pain it causes when a nail is jammed. Having a tool-less option makes it no pain at all. Finally, we have the tool-free feature to switch between firing modes. Contact firing gives you quickness and sequential firing gives you more safety. Choose anyone and flip a switch to simply change the modes.We’ve got all features of Hitachi NT65MA4 15 Gauge Angled Finish Nailer. But knowing what’s good and what’s bad would complete our Hitachi NT65MA4 review. Please read our solutions for the cons so that you have a smooth running nail gun.


  • Integrated air duster
  • Tool-less nail extraction
  • Easy switching between sequential and contact nailing modes
  • The tool-free depth adjustment feature
  • Easy nailing in tight spaces and corners
  • A no-mar tip for surface protection
  • Rubber grip for safety and comfort
  • Great durability


  •  A bit louder
  • Dry-firing causes holes
  • Rarely jams nail
  • Depth adjustment seems a bit problematic
  • Not an oil-free tool

Solution for the cons

Being loud is sure a problem. But we got reported that Hitachi NT65MA4 is as loud as other 15-gauge pneumatic nailers. Dry-firing means firing with no nails. That may result in holes on the working surface with no nail in it. It really is a problem. The solution is to keep an eye on the magazine. When you see 10 or 15 nails are remaining, reload and you’ll be good to go.

One user got one jammed nail in 300 shoots. That’s acceptable. The tool-less nail extraction feature can free jammed nails pretty quickly.Depth-adjustment feature has been reported a bit problematic. Although it won’t be a problem once you get used to the tool. What we are trying to say is depth adjustment will be accurate once you get used to the tool.Using oil to keep the tool in a tip-top condition seems a good idea to us. Rather see it as a problem, we’re considering it as a blessing.

Frequently asked questions

  • Q: Where to find a rubber foot for the Hitachi NT65MA4?
  • Ans: It’s on the right side of the magazine.
  • Q: Does Hitachi finish nailer includes a case?
  • Ans: Yes, it includes a case
  • Q: Does the gun accept Senco angled 15 gauge finish nails?
  • Ans: Yes, it does.
  • Q: Is there a belt hook on it?
  • Ans: No, there isn’t any.
  • Q: Does NT65MA4 have a dry-fire lockout?
  • Ans: No, it doesn’t have that feature.

Bottom Line

Hitachi makes quality products with long-lasting capabilities. You can trust with Hitachi NT65MA4 15 Gauge Angled Finish Nailer for your nailing jobs. The pricing is what keeps it ahead of others because you are getting a high-quality product at a very low price.