Freeman PFR2190 21-Degree Full-Head Framing Nailer

When it comes to a heavy-duty nailing job, Freeman pfr2190 will be there for you. The pneumatic nailer is mainly for farming, roofing, siding, fencing, and even wall farming. This gun can nail 2” to 3-1/2” with 21-degree full-head framing nails. You can use Freeman for various applications for example wall sheathing, wood box assembly, fencing, framing, siding installation, and roofing. Freeman framing nailer is great for DIY projects as there are no issues with glue or sharp pieces of metal flying when you are working. Freeman PFR2190 21-Degree Full-Head Framing Nailer is such light, high-quality nailing gun that can be used for almost all the farming jobs like fencing, sliding, wall and roof sheathing, wood box construction, etc. The special feature of it is that you can shoot from 2 to 3-1/2 inches which is great support for professionals. Moreover, another special thing is its structure. Freeman pfr2190 is made of such extraordinary material which will keep it safe from outside threats and it also gives Freeman framing nailer a smart body structure. These features are given below :

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  • Product model: PFR2190
  • Product Weight: 8.5 lbs
  • Dimensions: 20×6.5×14.25 inches
  • Compressor pressure: 70-115 PSI
  • Fastener range: 2-3.5 inches
  • Color: Black
  • Case: Yes


A “plastic collated nail” is what that the nails are held together with a strip of plastic. You get a bunch of features in this freeman 21 degree framing nailer. We are now describing is of the features one by one.

Air powered

Air-powered guns are usually used in heavy nailing. It gives the machine extra strength. This freeman 21 degree framing nailer is an air-powered and works at the pressure of 70-115 PSI.

Magnesium body

The parts which are made with magnesium always are lightweight. Freeman pfr2190has ionized with aluminum and magazine along with magnesium body which gives it sturdy design and premium look.

Interchangeable triggers

This freeman air nailer also has interchangeable triggers for contact or single firing. You can also change the triggers as per your needs. So it gives you a variation of your nailing experience. Contact firing is ideal when you nail one by one and have all the proper gear on. Ut you should be very careful when doing contact firing because people get injured when they do not follow proper safety precautions.

Different types of nails

This 21-degree full-head framing nails can shoot 21 rangings in size from 2-3.5 inches. The magazine can load up to 55 nails.

360-degree exhaust

It works with 360 degrees’ adjustable air vent, air lifter and an anti-dust cap which prevents the air contamination in the air supply. There is also a dust cap and air filter which will give a clear operation, and a tool-free depth adjustment with which you can get your job done faster.

Power and Precision

For fast usage, it uses strip loading, while the Teflon O-rings create less friction when moving the nailer with the surface of the frame. For precision nailing, it uses 21 degrees full headed and no-mar padding. And I can say it very dependable. I feel comfortable working with this farming gun.


You will get a plastic case along with the easy and safe storage of this nail gun.


•Affordable: Freeman PFR2190 21-Degree Full-Head Framing Nailer is much affordable for its users as it costs at a much reasonable price than others. You don’t have to spend much of your money on buying this freeman nailer. As you don’t have spent much of your money, you won’t feel like that its manufacturers are making you fool as compared to other nailer’s cheap rates.•Suitable for DIY projects: If someone is looking for a small gun that is suitable for small projects then freeman air tools are perfect for you. Many users don’t want to use s nailer for heavy works. They may want to use it for light purposes or DIY. Someone may also use a nailer for weakly home uses. This 21-degree full-head framing nailer is perfect for those types of work.•Different kinds of firing: Some prefer single firing or some may prefer contact firing. In single firing, the nailer would only shot for one time. At each time one nail will be shot. In contact firing, one nail will be shot after another. This type of firing for safety protection for those will not able to shot for the first time. Both type firing is available in Freeman air nailer. •Durability: The anodized aluminum magazine and cylinder magnesium body make it durable for a long time. This special structure keeps your nailer away from wear and tear. Once you have bought freeman framing nailer, it will assure long-lasting usability for the longest time. This will save you from the unintentional drop by you. If suddenly it drops down to you, you don’t need to worry due to its anodized aluminum magazine and cylinder magnesium body. •360-degree exhaust: It ensures the moisture on the surface of the wood. Naturally, nailing leaves mark on the surface, damage the quality of the wood or even reduces the moisture of the wood. All these can be prevented because of its 360-degree exhaust. There is also an air filter and air cap which protects the air inside the equipment from outside.

Pros in Short

  • Magnesium construction which gives it a sturdy and good look
  • Anti-dry fire mechanism
  • Air filter
  • Plastic storage case
  • Premium nailing at affordable price
  • Good durability
  • 360-degree exhaust
  • It can nail precisely and accurately
  • No jam or misfiring in the gun

Cons with the solution

•Doesn’t fire for the last few nails: Some faced the problem of not firing when there are few nails inside the nailer. They said that the nailer starts firing again when more nails are added. Solution: It may happen when nailers are used for long hours. Take a rest for while and start your firing again. You may not face such problem then.

•Need to change the switch: You need to change the switch for changing the firing system which is very much time-consuming. Changing the firing system means you need to change the switch for switching the single firing to contact or sequential firing. Solution: It is style made by the manufactures. If you still need to change it then you should contact the manufacturers. 

Cons In Short

  • You can get a problem last few nailing. Sometimes It does not fire the last few nails.
  • Little bit heavy
  • A bit adjustment problem

Extra Tips

The last few nails firing problems do not happen always. It can occur for jamming. Regular maintaining can resolve this problem. You have to compromise its weight as you can nail heavy things with it. For its extra power and strength, it has to be heavy. But you will get no problem with handling while working with this freeman nailer. And removing the rubber bumper to use a spiked tip will make the Freeman PFR2190 perform a proper toenail adjustment.

Question and Answers(Q&A)

  • Q: Does this Freeman pfr2190 have a spike tip for better nailing?
  • A: Yes. You will have both a flat foot and a spike tip.
  • Q: How good does this gun work with toenailing?
  • A: Works fine.
  • Q: What size nail to use for 2×4 wall stud Framing in a basement?
  • A: Generally use 3 inches of nails for farming.
  • Q: How to unjam if the nail gets stuck?
  • A: First, you have to disconnect the air hose before clearing a jam. Then you should have used needle nose pliers or another free nail to clear out the jammed nail. In our experience, this nailer rarely jams except on the last few (2-3) nails. So, our suggestion is to keep at least 5 or so nails in it to avoid jams in the first place. Also, when reloading, make sure the nail heads overlap properly. If you hold it when loading nails, the nozzle will be pointing straight down and most of that will take care of itself.
  • Q: What is the Min PSI required to fire this nailer?
  • A: 70 PSI
  • Q: Does this tool require oil lubrication?
  • A: Yes. And if you neglect to lube you will end up having to send it for servicing.
  • Q: What is the shortest nail it will shoot?
  • A: 2 inches.


Freeman PFR2190 21-Degree Full-Head Framing Nailer may not be the best model in the market. But it is perfect for beginners and also the professionals who need their nailing job done with shorter duration. It will not even burn a hole in your pocket because of its affordable price. Its durability and ease of use is the main selling point for me.