Freeman P4FRFNCB Framing/Finishing Combo Kit

When nailing is your passion or day to day work you must have a farming kit. And when it comes to a farming kit Freeman does it very well. They are the best combo farming kit seller in the market from our opinion. As writing freeman framing nailer review, today I’m going to write about Freeman P4FRFNCB Framing/Finishing Combo Kit. Manufacturers to ensure the durability of its structure and usability. They ensure the long-term usage of a framing nailer combo kit so that you may get the maximum advantage from it for a long time. 

The Freeman P4FRFNCB is a farming kit that any contractor would want to get any job done with it. It has four different tools with which you can take care of any of your work whether you are a professional or an occasional DIY project worker. You can use this for versatile purposes also. This allows you to have minimal damage to your surface. Freeman nailer combo is also applicable for kinds of wood without any restriction. One-piece, hardened steel drive blades are used here to reduce the risk of internal failure. Let’s talk about what’s in the box you will get after buying. This framing nailer combo kit contains :

  • One farming nailer with a full head
  • 1 Angle Nailer and one farming nailer
  • One brad nailer with quick release facility
  • Additional maintenance tools and oils with a canvas bag for easy transport

And the most important thing is that you will get seven years of warranty. Which is rare in this market.

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  • Model Number: P4FRFNCB
  • Product Weight: 25 Pounds
  • Dimensions: (23 x 9.4 x 14.8) inches
  • Power Source: Battery
  • Kit in the bag: Tools, Case
  • Warranty: 7 Years


Talking about this feature I have to tell first that it’s an all in one beast. This Freeman nailer combo covers all of your farming and finishing aspects. It includes a 34-degree angle finishing nailer, 21-degree nailer which is fully headed, a brad nailer, with a quick-release option, and a stapler with a quick-release nose. The company makes no compromise in building this product.

21 degree Farming

The 21 degree Farming with Freeman p4frfncb will get any job done from setting up timbers to a wall using large or small nails. Also, if you have work on wood (Such as wooden ceiling, walls, floor), you can use the finish nailer. So the nailing option in this Freeman nailer is pretty much good and suitable.

Brad nailer

If you have to nail in hand and want fast and accurate nailing, then this brad nailing feature gives the pace in your nailing experience. And you will get the stapler very light and easy to use.


You will get up to 55 nails in the magazine of Freeman 4-piece framing nailer. And the magazine of 3 other tools can carry up to 100 nails. It means fewer stops to reload and give you great efficiency especially when you have a hurry in your work.


Freeman tools are mainly made of anodized aluminum which gives it good durability and lighter weight. It will fit in your hand very well and while working you will feel a beast in your hand. I have no complaints about your build quality. Rather this Freeman P4FRFNCB Framing/Finishing Combo Kit has pleased me much.


The tools used in this machine are fitted with a quick-release mechanism which saves you a lot of downtime of any jamming in the nails. The stapler, brad nailer, and finish nailer have this option of quick release by which you will easily address nail jams and get back to your work.

34 degree finish nailer

This Freeman 4-piece framing nailer has an angle of 34 degree which gives you charm while working in tight spots. This adds a high precision to this farming nailer.

Different size of nails

Another cool feature of this kit is you have the ability to use variety sizes of nails. You know some of the nails out of the market now. But this machine has a combination of 4 types of nails. Each nailer can fire between the size of 2-1/2” to 3”.

Power Farming

Another cool feature of this kit is you can use various sizes of nails. You know some of the nails out of the market now. But this machine has a combination of 4 types of nails. Each nailer can fire between the size of 2-1/2” to 3”.


•Full kit: Freeman 4 piece framing nailer delivers you a complete package which is essential for from start to end. That’s why it is a complete package for the DIYs and also for professionals. You may have too little bit more than other kits but it provides you with all the necessary tools that will you need today or tomorrow. Then you may need to buy all those additional parts from outside. However, you will get all such accessories from one kit. So you have to pay a little bit more than general kits due to this.

 •34 degree finish nailer: This standard angle ensures you to access all those tight spots where you may not get access without this 34-degree finish nailer. Normally it is difficult to get through the tight spots where more pressure is required. It is a 34-degree finish nailer which will provide you that hard pressure to go into the tight spaces. It makes your work easy. Hence you will get that standard angle from freeman tools kit in bag 4pc.

•Power framer: Freeman nailer combo is available with power framer. It can drive all sorts of the nail on all sorts of wood with minimum damage to your surface. A normal nailer without a power framer is not able to drive all kinds of wood. There is some differentiation in wood quality for nailing. However, you will get this special feature from freeman 4 piece framing nailer which will not only applicable for all kinds of wood but also reliable for minimum damage to the surface. Moreover, the air compressor airs out 120 psi whereas others use 70 psi only.

•Versatile: You can use freeman air nailer combo for the versatile purpose. Freeman p4frfncb is comprised of framing nailer which helps you to roof decking, fencing, sub-floors, pallet building, basement remodeling.Again, you can choose to finish nailer or brad nailer which will help you to tasks like Cabinetry, baseboards, window casings, chair rail, and crown molding. Moreover, Freeman P4FRFNCB Framing/Finishing Combo Kit with Canvas Bag, 4-Piece has narrow crown stapler which will help you for cabinet backing, picture framing, hobbies, making decorative trim and crafts. That’s how you can use this freeman 4 piece framing nailer for multiple purposes because of its versatile use. 

Pros in Short

  • You will get all of the necessary kits in the Freeman tools kit in bag 4pc
  • With this Freeman 4-piece framing nailer, you will get versatility.
  • Single and sequential firing option
  • Removable no-mar nose for keeping the surface from damage
  • Magnesium construction for less weight and durability
  • For precise use, there is finger depth adjustment
  • Quick jam release
  • 15-Gauge 2-1/2” 34° finish nailing option
  • 21° Full head farming nailing option
  • A carrying canvas bag

Cons with the solution

•Rubber tip: There is a black rubber tip that is used to avoid any damage to the wood. However, this rubber tip leaves mark on the wood which must be covered.

Solution: The only issue that I have found before writing this Freeman framing nailer review is the soft bumper of the device leaves black marks on the wood.The black rubber tip should be covered to avoid marks on the wood. You can cover it up while working then no marks will not ever occur.

•Depth dialer: The depth dialler is used to control its depth but this is not hard to control that depth.

Solution: The dialler used here us hard enough to control the depth. However, if you want to make it more durable then you have to contact the manufacturer. There have been known cases of misfire though I didn’t get one. If you have this problem, just rearrange the nails. You will not get any misfire again.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

  • Q: What kind of nails does it use?
  • A: 21° farming nailer up to 3-1/2”, 34° angle finish nailer up to 2-1/2” and finish stapler 18 gauge up to 1-1/4”.
  • Q: Does it come with all the nail guns?
  • A: Yes. It comes with all four nail guns.
  • Q: Do all these guns have depth adjustments?
  • A: Yes. You have the option of adjustment.
  • Q: What kind of compressor would I need for thisFreeman p4frfncb?
  • A: Give a try with 200 PSI 4.5 gallon Dewalt compressor. It works great.
  • Q: Can I do plywood siding with this framing nailer?
  • A: Yes you can.


Most of the contractors in the market will find their dream come true with the Freeman P4FRFNCB Framer/Finishing Combo. Everything that you will want to have done with framing and finishing will be completed with this kit. But the Freeman p4frfncb is great to use while you have DIY projects or simple home works. The kit is not for professionals though many of them use as well. Whether you need a single nailing gun or a full set, this Freeman nailer combo is a quality piece of hardware. Moreover, you will get seven years’ official warranty which you will find rare for other nailing guns.The full head nailer, brad and finish nailer, and the stapler will serve as you expect to form a nailing gun. So, I do highly recommend the Freeman P4FRFNCB Framing/Finishing Combo Kit nailing gun for the DIY workers and medium level professional. It has the reputation of working diligently that will meet the demand if both DIYs and professional. It is prime global products which have given the service and warranty of this product. The functional structure of this is very much user-friendly that you won’t feel like you are a newcomer in this field.