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DEWALT DCN692B 20V Max XR Brushless Dual Speed Nailer

Stanley Black & Decker, Inc. One company name is enough to tell about Dewalt. Dewalt is a subsidiary of Stanley Black & Decker, Inc. Since 1843, Stanley Black & Decker, Inc. is manufacturing industrial tools, and household hardwires. Do you want a nailer that belongs to two modes for operating? Then this DEWALT DCN692B 20V Max XR Brushless Dual Speed Nailer has this. There are two operating modes. One is sequential and another one is bump mode. In sequential mode, this maintains a sequence fir nailing. In bump mode, the nail shots the point directly without maintaining any sequence. As both types of modes are present in single nailer, so DeWalt cordless framing nailer is very much beneficial than other ones. Because this nailer has both types of modes and you can use anyone as you need. Both types of modes are available in one nailer which is very much convenient. When it comes down to nailing, Dewalt nails it. With premium quality and wonderful balancing features, DewaltNailer is my choice. Though the Price is a bit high, I can accept it for the quality. From little home projects to heavy construction works, Dewalt 20 volt Framing Nailer is what you want. Let’s talk about amazing Specifications and Features of this Nailer in detail.

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  • Brand: Dewalt
  • Type: 33 degree Framing Nailer
  • Model: DCN692B
  • Voltage: 20 V
  • Weight: 7.7 lbs.
  • Nail Length: 2”-3.5.”
  • Magazine Capacity: 55 nails
  • Dimensions (H: W: L): 13”: 4.7”: 13.3.”
  • Power Source: Battery-Powered


As for Framing Nailer, you need something with tremendous holding power. Because construction workers use Framing Nailer for heavy duty nailing. Let’s see if DewaltNailer is a worth Framing Nailer or not.


This amazing Nailer gun runs on one 20V MAX XR 5.0Ah Lithium-Ion Battery. That means its cordless and no need to buy costly fuel cells like other Nailer guns.No gas canisters! For this, you have a very low maintenance cost. Dewalt battery powered Nailer will give you more run time. For using the Li-ion battery, it has a compact design. You can nail about 700 nails per charge.


You will have a premium nailing experience with Dewalt Framing Nailer cordless feature. Nail capacity of Dewalt Framing Nailer is 55 nails per magazine in a 33-degree strip. Dewalt made this model with sequential and bumped operating modes. Another amazing feature is Dewalt Cordless Nailer has dual speed mode. Means, one speed for smaller nails (usually 2” to 3” nails) and another speed mode for 3” to 3.5” nails. Its low vibration will give you a safe nailing experience.

Build Quality

The Dewalt Framing Nailer will give you a solid feel. It vibrates less and has great stability as it weighs just under 8 lbs. It is designed for fast workers with increased firing power. To easily reset the driver blade, Dewalt cordless nail gun comes with a stall release lever.

Easy to Use

Dewalt cordless nail gun is a user-friendly nail gun. You can easily work with this product in cold weather while gas canister using Nailer won’t work. Brushless motor and engine design give the required power to nail up to 3.5” nails. The top-cap has impact resistance and is easy for troubleshooting when the nail gets jammed. Load and Lock mechanism feature in Dewalt cordless Framing Nailer makes it quick to load the magazine and ready to use in a matter of seconds. Its design gives you a firm grip on the tool. The rubber grip prevents it from slipping. It won’t hurt you or others even if you become distracted for a second.


To complete the Dewalt Framing Nailer review, I must add its portability advantage. The charger keeps the 20V battery ready to use at any time. If it had cords, you could have less to worry about power. But you wouldn’t get portability. Carrying the tool from one place to another made it easy. The Cordless Nailer has a built-in belt hook. So, you can carry it easily in your working belt.

Pricing (The truth)

I won’t deny that Dewalt cordless nail gun has a price above some other nail guns with almost the same features. But I must also admit that good quality products don’t come cheap. When you check the price for DEWALT DCN692B 20V Max XR Brushless Dual Speed Nailer, keep in mind that you are getting only the gun. Battery and charger aren’t included. Check Dewalt Framing Nailer 20v Battery and Charger price. I think it’s a good deal with a 3-year limited warranty. Now it’s time to know the good and the bad to complete our Dewalt 20v Framing Nailer review. The solution to the problems is also given.

Now it’s time to know the good and the bad to complete our Dewalt 20v Framing Nailer review. The solution to the problems is also given.


•Stall release lever: Because of jamming, the driver blade may get replaced from its original position. Because of this, the nailer can’t work properly. So it needs something which can release the jam or stall immediately. You are very much lucky because DEWALT DCN692B 20V Max XR Brushless Dual Speed Nailer has that arrangement that will release the stall and replaces the driver blade for better movement.

•Low vibration technology: The vibration level is low. If it vibrates at fast speed then it may cause uncomfortable situations for the user. The user may feel irritated if the nailer vibrates at fast speed. So this is DeWalt 20 volt framing nailer which maintains a low level of vibration and refrains you from irritation resulted from the excess level of vibration.

•Two settings: There are two settings to choose from. One is a motor and another one is the engine. In the case of motor type, you have to use your muscles to run the nailer. In case if engine type settings, you don’t have to use your muscles to run the nailer as it will start to function automatically. If you want to use this nailer which will run automatically, then you can choose the engine. So the choice is yours.

•Gasless operation: The power source of this Dewalt cordless nail gun doesn’t require gas. As this Dewalt framing nailer 20vis not operated by gas so this reduces the cost of using this Dewalt cordless nail gun. The gasless power source is very much efficient to use. This also causes a low level of noise like a gas-based power source causes a high level of noise. Noise irritates users. But this Dewalt 20-volt framing nailer will not such noise for users.

•No messy lubrication needed: You don’t have to use oil for lubrication. Traditionally nailers need to apply oil for smooth running. Besides, it may happen that the nailer got drop down by the user because of the slippy handle. But in this Dewalt cordless nail gun, you don’t have to use oil for lubrication. So you won’t feel messy because of oil.

•Long-lasting battery: You can use batteries brought from outside. This increases the lifetime of your batteries. So batteries are changeable. You can use another battery if the previous one gets damaged.

Cons with the Solution

•Overuse of batteries: The usage of power may need more than one battery within one day. This does not cost efficient.

 Solution: We all experienced buying high-end products come with fewer accessories. Buying a battery and a charger won’t cost much You have to buy the battery of good quality which will last for a longer time. If you have to use the Dewalt 20-volt framing nailer for the whole day because of professional purpose then you may need to use more than one battery over a day. 

For small work, one battery will provide more than enough juice. But for heavy work, you would need two batteries, or you can also buy a 60V battery.Another problem you may face is when you use the Nailer for nailing in tougher materials. The 3.5” nails don’t go all the way sometimes. In that case, you can use a hammer to finish the job.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Is there any difference between DCN692B and DCN690B?
  • A: Yes, DCN690B has a single speed, and DCN692B has a dual-speed feature.
  • Q: Is it offers finishing nails too?
  • A: No, Dewalt 20 volt Framing Nailer does only framing not trimming.
  • Q: 20V battery is used but can I use 60V MAX ones?
  • A: Yes, 60V batteries can be used for some heavy-duty work.
  • Q: I work outside, what can I do to have rust-free nails?
  • A: You can use hot-dipped galvanized nails.
  • Q: Can I nail 1.5” nails too?
  • A: We’re not sure for shorter nails, but it does an awesome job for 2” to 3.5” nails.
  • Q: Will there be any problem if 2.0 Ah battery is used?
  • A: As long as it has the same voltage, it will not be a problem. But the runtime will be nowhere near the original ones.
  • Q: I got 2/3 nails jammed, and 5/6 didn’t go all the way, is it the tool’s fault?
  • A: No, just push the gun properly, and you won’t have any problems like that.
  • Q: It’s heavier than I thought, what to do?
  • A: Actually, there’s nothing much to do. You can look for less heavy ones. But this weight gives the tool well balance and compactness.

Final Verdict

The maintenance cost of this DEWALT DCN692B 20V Max XR Brushless Dual Speed Nailer is very low as it doesn’t use gas to operate. Another reason for its being cost-effective is it has two modes for operating and two modes for settings. All this made it two in one nailer for users. So despite some drawbacks, this Dewalt framing nailer cordless will provide you many benefits that are unique than other nailers.

It is an awesome tool with low maintenance and all-weather working capability. See the verified customer reviews on Amazon, and you will be convinced about the versatility of the product. The price is a bit high but think about all the cost for gas cartridges and high maintenance cost for other tools in the market. So, make the smart choice if you want increased productivity in your work.