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BOSTITCH RN46 Coil Roofing Nailer

Looking for a best seller roofing nailer? You got one. BOSTITCH RN46 Coil Roofing Nailer is the number 1 best-selling Roofing nail gun on Amazon. Amazon roofing nail gun or roofing is a job that requires a lot of nails.

Experts can do the job quickly with a hammer. But it’s more efficient and safe to use a nail gun. As the nails for roofing are smaller than others, we need special kinds of guns to do this. That’s why we’re introducing Bostitch RN46 1 coil roofing nailer.

It’ll get your job done faster, no matter if you’re professional or not. And no more worrying about nailing your own finger. This improved accuracy and more power, Bostitch roofing nailer RN46-1 is the one you really should try out. Let’s discover some specs before we start our Bostitch RN46-1 Review.

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Brand: Bostitch

Model: RN46-1

Mag. Angle: 15-degree

Mag. size: 120 nails per load

Nail size: ¾” to 1-3/4” nails

Dry Fire Lockout: Yes

Pressure: 70 to 120 psi.

Dimension: 10.5 x 4.625 x 10.625 (L x W x H)

Weight : 4.9 lbs.

Warranty : 7 year limited warranty


A summary of the features of Bostitch RN46-1is given before the full Bostitch RN46-1 roofing nailer review :

  • For extra durability and lightweight feature, Bostitch uses magnesium housing.
  • Some guns fires even when there’s no nail which may cause whole in the wood. But Bostitch roofing nailer has dry-fired lockout mechanism. So, you’ll know when to reload.
  • For long-performance, we have carbide inserts in the nose piece feature.
  • Many preventive measures have been taken to save the working surface from any kind of damage. It includes Aggressive wear guards and skid pads.
  • There’s an exclusive quick-set adjustable depth guide feature for smooth and full sinking.
  • We’ve a one-step loading feature. The canister uses side load for faster loading which is patented by Bostitch.
  • For quick shingle spacing, it has an adjustable shingle guide.
  • For comfortable use, Bostitch roofing nailer has over-molded rubber grip.


Like all other pneumatic nailers, this roofing nailer also runs on compressed air. The working air pressure is 70 to 120 psi. It can create 410 pounds per inch of force while shooting a nail.


Nailing with Bostitch RN46-1 coil roofing nailer is a great experience. You can shoot up to 100 nails in a minute. That’s really fast. This gun supports nails from ¾” to 1-3/4” with a shank diameter of 0.102. For perfect nailing experience on different surfaces, there’s tool-free depth adjustment feature. This allows you to change the air pressure to sink the nail perfectly on any surface.


One of the main advantages of Bostitch RN46-1 is that it has a dry-fire lockout mechanism. What it means is that your roofing nailer won’t shot a blank. This can save you from damaging the work surface.Easiness comes with a lot of other features. The tool-less features mentioned above will relieve you from using small tools. The handle is over-molded and you’ll feel comfortable while nailing.


The body is made of magnesium. This makes the Bostitch roofing nailer ultra-durable and lightweight. This gun has other protective measures so that rough work conditions can do little to no harm to this machine. The warranty provided by Bostitch is for 7 years.Let’s see some pros and cons of BOSTITCH RN46 Coil Roofing Nailer. The problems are solved later in our Bostitch roofing nailer review.


  • Consistent drive quality
  • Side-loading canister
  • Dry-fire lockout
  • Adjustable depth control
  • Lightweight and durable


  • Occasionally fires double
  • Not so large magazine

Solution for the Cons

Occasionally firing doubles is a serious problem and can be frustrating. Many customers have complained about it. A possible explanation could be for fast firing capability. We’re not trying to sugarcoat the problem. You should keep in mind this before buying Bostitch RN46-1 coil roofing nailer.

Another explanation is that this gun is a bump gun. So, when you pull the trigger no nail comes out until you bump it to the shingle. Pressing once shots one. But accidentally pressing twice can cause you the problem.

The second complaint is about magazine size. Many coil nailer has 300 nails capacity but this one has only 120. Well, this is a coil roofing nailer. To make it lightweight and efficient, there had to be some sacrifices. And this is not a real problem. You’ll do fine with this capacity.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

  • Q: Can you use this gun for siding?A: No, I would use a siding gun for that. Besides this nailer only shoots up to 1-3/4” nails.
  • Q: Is there a male air supply included?A: No, you have to one separately.
  • Q: Are there any issues shooting a ¾” nail?A: No, we haven’t found any issues yet.
  • Q: Will I get a hard case?A: No, the one selling on Amazon, doesn’t come with a hard case.
  • Q: Is it usable on baseboards?A: Yes, absolutely.

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Bottom line

If you consider the small issues and try to solve those, you’ll have nothing but a great roofing nailer. The design and build quality allow for maximum efficiency and durability. So, check the price for BOSTITCH RN46 Coil Roofing Nailer on Amazon.