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BOSTITCH N62FNK-2 Angled Finish Nailer

Do you want a nailer that allows you to put in a nail of 1.25 inches to 2.5 inches in length? Do you want a nailer that is suitable for overhead jobs like hanging shutters, mounting crown molding, installing cabinets and more? Do you want a nailer where you can easily remove the magazine during the jam? All these you can get from this BOSTITCH N62FNK-2 Angled Finish Nailer. This Bostitch finish nailer has many more unique characteristics which are given below along with bostitch n62fnk-2 review.

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• Lightweight magnesium design for added durability

• Oil-free operation requires no regular maintenance and eliminates the risk of oil stains

• Adjustable depth guide sets nails to desired depths quickly and conveniently

• A tool-free removable magazine for fast cleaning and jam clearing

• Includes Finish Nailer, 1,000 Two (2) In. Nails, Carrying Case, Hex Wrenches and Four Profile Tips

• Driving Power: 400 Inch Lbs.

• Application: Interior finish and trim Exterior finish and trim Furniture Cabinet work Staircases

• Made in the USA

• 1 1/4-inch to 2-1/2-inch 15-gauge oil-free angled finish nailer

• Adjustable depth control

• bypass nail pusher

• Durable, lightweight magnesium housing

• Includes 4 profile tips along with sample fasteners

• Size: 11.63-by-3.13-inches

• extremely light 3.8-pounds

• 7-year limited warranty

• Dimension: 14.6×16.5×4.3 in

• Power Source: air-powered


Experience a professional finish nailer: From various points, you can compare this nailer with a professional nailer from various sides. You can perform all detailed works from your home with this BOSTITCH N62FNK-2 Angled Finish Nailer. It ensures a perfect drive with its four angled profile trips. Moreover, you don’t have oil the nailer during each time. A Bostitch finish nailer is an oil-free operation that allows you to maintain it smartly. Bostitch n62fnk 2 doesn’t stain the surface over which you are operating the nailer.

Certified for hardwoods: Many nailers are not capable much for nailing hardwoods properly. It may cause you to stop their working, causes damage to the nailer or to the hard surface over which you are working. However, this won’t happen in Bostitch n62fnk 2. Because there is 400 in/ lbs driving power which is enough to set 15-gauge finishing nails into hardwoods. So with this Bostitch n62fnk 2, you won’t have to face any damage to your nailer or to your surface of hardwood anymore.

Magazine capacity: The tool-free design of this Bostitch finish nailer allows you to load 130 nails at a time which is pretty enough to finish a semi-large scale work for you. You can go for a long way with this 130 nails after loading those into the magazine. Once you load these nails to you, you don’t have to worry about reloading for one to two hours. This can run smoothly during that time.

Lightweight: The weight of this Bostitch finish nailer is extremely light. It is only 3.8 pounds which quite light to hold. If you are a non-professional in this kind of a task, you can easily do that with this lightweight nailer. Professionals also able to do their long hour jobs with this Bostitch finish nailer.

Cons with the solution

  • Light but not powerful: The weight of this nailer is very light but it is not powerful also. After nailing for someday, you might have to change the firing pin as it will break down.
  • Solution: Bostitch n62fnk 2 much durable along with its lightweight but you can still contact Amazon who will replace your defected firing pin.The power of the nailer depends on your purpose. For instance, for framing, you don’t need to drive any nail which is longer than 3-¼”. If your purpose is bigger, then this is your personal choice.
  • Jams constantly: It jams constantly after 15-18 nails. Though it happened with this Bostitch finish nailer occasionally.
  • Solution: It happens rarely as when you do the nailing without any break. Take some time off with it and start to nail again. This will not happen again.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Question: How many nails does it hold?
  • Answer: 3 short racks or one long rack
  • Question: What is the exact angle of this nailer? Is it 25 degrees?
  • Answer: You are correct. It is 25 degrees……… A great gun 20k+ 21/2″ nails without a problem
  • Question: does it work on 3/4″ hardwood and 12mm bamboo wood.
  • Answer: We have only used it on pine, so far. It does seem powerful enough to use any wood. We have been very pleased with it.
  • Question: Can this gun be used to build wood fences from 6′ to 8′ Cedar?
  • Answer: This is a finish nailer. You are going to want a framing nailer and use ring shank galvanized nails. Check out the Bostitch f28ww
  • Question: Will this nailer handle 1/2″ oak trim without any problem with the penetration depth of the nail?
  • Answer: penetration is adjustable by varying the air pressure and by adjusting the depth on the tool

Final verdict

BOSTITCH N62FNK-2 Angled Finish Nailer is designed quite smartly. The evidence of this is its lightweight and magnesium body. This magnesium body assures you of its durability. Besides, you don’t have to use oil during operating this nailer. So it doesn’t need any extra attention to maintenance. The driving power of it is quite much to have depth nailing quickly and accurately. So from overall judgment, this Bostitch n62fnk 2 is suitable for all hardy works despite some drawbacks.