Bosch SN350-20F Full Head Framing Strip Nailer

Do you find it difficult to place the lumber on the place properly? If you find so then this Bosch SN350-20F Full Head Framing Strip Nailer will eliminate that difficult for you. Because this has the metal plate which helps to affix the lumber with the nailer strongly. That's how it won't move from the surface and you will be able to control it as you want. Besides this bosch sn350 20f ensure the full force of the gun. It will assure you with a hundred percent pressure of the nailer so you can drive the nail at the depth of the object very easily. Moreover, this Bosch framing nailer has many more features which are given below:


• Metal Strike Plate - Designed to take job-site abuse and positioning of lumber

• Tool-less Adjustable Air Exhaust

• Work Contact Element - With aggressive teeth - Grips workpiece when toenailing

• Quick Release Magazine - Easily remove jammed nails without disassembly of the tool

• Tool-less Selectable Trigger - Easily Switch between bump and sequential fire

• Item Weight: 11.85 pounds

• Package Dimensions: 22.7 x 15.3 x 6 inches

• Size: 3.5

• Color: Blue

• Power Source: air-powered

• Item Package Quantity: 1

• Included Components: bare-tool

• Warranty Description: 1 year warranty/30 day money-back guarantee COVERING ALL COMPONENTS


  • Metal strike plate: This feature is really helpful while operating the nailer. It happens at any time that the lumber on the strike plate doesn't stick consistently with the surface. Because of this reason,the wood gets displaced from the surface and you won’t be able to strike the nail properly. This will not happen in case of this nailer. As it has metal strike planet, this won’t let your lumber get misplaced. You can control the lumber on the position because of this metal plate.
  • Constructive in toenailing: Toe nailing means driving a nail from one angle to the end of its opposite angle in curvature position. It is a daily practice in carpentry profession. They do so to affix two separate parts together. One part of the lumber will be vertical and another part will be horizontal.But it needs more accuracy to have a strong bond between two parts of lumber. Bosch framing nailer has that capability to create a strong bond. It has aggressive teeth grips that affix both parts strongly.
  • Quick-release of a magazine: You can quickly and easily release the jam during nailing. More or less all nailer jams. It is natural. But you should have alternative options to get away from this problem. bosch sn350-20f full head framing strip nailer will allow you that opportunity. It will help you to remove the jammed nail quickly and you can do this without dismantling the tool.
  • Bump and sequential firing: You can switch between bump and sequential firing in bosch nailer. In bump firing, the nailer would act as a gun due to recoil. It is important for the rapid succession of the shots. It stimulates the speed of work during nailing. In sequential firing, you can shot sequentially. It reduces the chance of blank firing. This gives you another chance of firing. So both types of firing you will get in this Bosch SN350-20F Full Head Framing Strip Nailer.
  • Full force technology: Bosch nailer ensures a hundred percent force from the initial blast of air to the fastener. As it has no side chamber, it has a valve that feeds the second blast of air. This air goes into the bottom of the cylinder which pushes the piston back to the initial position. This mechanism ensures hundred percent force of the gun.

Cons with the solution

  • Heavyweight: The weight of the Bosch nailer is much. It is about 8.4 pounds which is heavier than another nailer.
  • Solution: Though the weight of this nailer is heavier, it is good for your health. As it has bounce nailing capacity, the heavyweight will save you from the sore wrist in case of the light nailer. That’s why the Bosch nailer is designed like so.
  • Non-adjustable exhaust: The direction of this bosch sn350 20f is not adjustable which irritates you while operating the nailer.
  • Solution: bosch sn350 20f is designed to be more flexible while operating this. However, the exhauster is not flexible to operate it, you move it away from your side while operating this.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Question: What aftermarket hook are all using?
  • Answer: One from Hitachi.
  • Question: What is strike force?
  • Answer: “strike force" means 1/4" hose that kicks on about the 5th nail when rapid fired, everyone on the job noticedthat you are supposed to use 3/8" hose and fittings. Overall kick is very controllable otherwise, and you can easily adjust it to different density of lumber. Even with the kick, it was the go-to gun when putting up exterior trim around the siding.
  • Question: Can this nailer use 21-degree nail set?
  • Answer: Yes, it can use 20 to 22-degree nails. A great gun would highly recommend.
  • Question: What case works well for this? I guess it's too big for an l-box but I'd still like to be able to put it into a box or bag for storage and mobility.
  • Answer: We made a wooden box with a lid, lined it with foam so it would stay in place.

Final verdict

In a nutshell, Bosch SN350-20F Full Head Framing Strip Nailer good enough in comparison with other nailers because of its special features. Despite its some drawbacks, this bosch cordless framing nailer will assure you trustworthy due to its safety measures. It is more convenient to use for framing purposes. So don’t waste your money on other framing nailers and grab this for framing in a more convenient way.

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