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Are Coil Framing Nailers Good – Best Guide 2023

Are you looking to nail your DIY projects with precision? Then consider investing in a coil framing nailer. Tackle large-scale woodworking and home improvement jobs that must have the perfect tools. Finding the right nailer for your needs can be difficult. We are here today because of that. Let’s talk about whether coil framing nailers are worth all the trouble! We must weigh the benefits and drawbacks of utilising this kind of nailer. You can choose the option that is best for you after doing your research.

A Comparison between Coil Framing Nailers and Stick Nailers

Stick nailers are the most used tools for quick and easy repairs. Coil framing is an excellent alternative to the power and efficiency of nailers for larger projects like framing.

Coil framing nailers can drive wide nails, even in the toughest woods. This is because they can hold up to 300 pins at a time. It features an influential motor extended magazine. You can complete tasks without having to reload your nails often. It saves you time and energy.

Stick nailers need to improve their skills and talents. They can hold up to 100 nails at a time. They need to be refilled when working on large jobs. Stick nailers also need more strength, which makes them less ideal for driving nails into hardwoods.

What is a Coil Nailer?

What is a Coil Nailer

A coil framing nailer is a type of nail gun that uses long, coiled strips of the nail. It has an extended magazine and a powerful motor, which allows it to drive nails even in the hardest woods. The main advantage of using a coil nailer is its high capacity and power, enabling. You can complete large projects without having to reload your nail gun as often.

What Can You Use a Coil Nailer For?

Deck construction and other outside jobs are the finest applications for a coil framing nailer. It can also be utilised to create windows, doors, staircases, etc. Any project that requires nailing can be accomplished with a coil nailer.

Are Coil Framing Nailers Worth It?

Are Coil Framing Nailers Worth It

Yes! Coil framing nailers are a significant investment to tackle larger projects. They offer high capacity and power. It lets you complete tasks. They are also generally more affordable than other types of nail guns.

What is a Stick Nailer?

Two magazines, each holding 2540 nails, make up a stick nailer. Thus there is a lot more reloading required. Due to its less weight, it also provides less weariness in exchange. A typical stick nailer can hold the following nail types:

Round head plastic nails with a 17- to 18-degree angle.

Round head nails with a collated plastic tip that range from 20 to 22 degrees

D-head nails with a wire collation that ranges from 27 to 28 degrees

D-head or offset nails with a collation angle of 30 to 34 degrees

Key Comparisons.

Despite having the same functions, these two tools have distinct designs and functionality. Some of the most significant parallels are listed here.


Depending on the model, a loaded coil nailer may weigh up to 10 pounds. As a result, holding one of these aloft for a prolonged time could be taxing. Due to their reduced magazine capacity, stick nailers weigh less and, as a result, are easier to use for extended periods.


You would want to avoid having to reload every 50 nails if you’re working on anything that needs a lot of pins. Due to its large loading capacity, a coil nailer will work better for your project.


Coil nailers use loop-shaped round canisters, allowing faster firing and reduced jamming. Stick nailers use magazines with nail strips to lengthen the entire tool.

Price of nails-

Stick nailer’s nails cost more than coil nailers. Coil nailers are less dependent on fixed-angle nails, making them easier to fill.


The magazine design of stick nailers makes them jamming issues more than coil nailers.

Hitachi New Stick and Coil Framing Nailers

Hitachi New Stick and Coil Framing Nailers

Hitachi has recently updated several pneumatic framing nailers. Framer Tim Uhler and his crew put them to use for months.

The traditional frame nailer from Hitachi has been modified. He sent me a stick nailer and a new coil framing nailer. I’ve been using these for a while now and am prepared to provide a review.


The original NR83 nail gun is still going strong 20 years later. Both these weapons feature a classic design. Which Hitachi has updated while maintaining the aesthetics of previous Hitachi weapons.

Hitachi claims that the cylinder is self-cleaning. Due to the design, it will not accumulate.

Head-to-head comparison – Which one is better?

Let’s contrast them side by side to see which performs better.

The weight of the nailer

The coil frame nailer is enormous, as I stated before. Additionally, it may accommodate several nails. Thus, the nailer’s weight is also significant. Because of this, this nailer could be more manoeuvrable. You will develop hand fatigue if you lift this nailer for an extended period.

The stick nailer could be heftier. Despite having two magazines, they only have a slight nail storage. As a result, moving it around is simple, and you will be able to manage it easily.

Nail jamming

A nailer jamming is a commonplace occurrence. The coil framing the nailer’s body is round, preventing it from jamming. But, the stick nailer clogs more than the coil nailer due to its two magazines.

Nail firing

Because of its large canister, the coil framing nailer mustn’t load much. Additionally, they contain nails in a circular pattern. Its body is fashioned like a circle, which helps its claws arrange themselves that way. As a result, there are few jams with the nailer.

It can shoot nails thanks to the round form of its body. The stick nailer has two magazines. Nail strips can be inserted into the magazines. Because there are two magazines, they can jam when firing.

Nail-holding capacity

Large coil framing nailer. A sizable container is on it. It has a capacity of 200–300 nails. Thus, once you’ve filled it to the brim, you don’t need to reload it immediately. With this nailer, you can finish any more extensive project.

The stick nailer has two magazines. But, only 25–40 nails may be held in those magazines. So it would help if you keep refilling it.

Angle variation

Small angled spaces can be worked in with the coil framing nailer. It cannot alter the angle as much as a stick nailer, though. The coil nailer is available between 15 and 17 degrees.

Stick nailers come in a wide range of angles, but you can select from 21 degrees, 28 degrees, and 30 to 34 degrees.

The pros of coil framing nailers

There are many advantages to using coil framing nailers. Following is their list.You don’t need to replenish the entire supply of nails because this nailer has a large capacity.

The circular design of the nailer prevents jamming.

This nailer can be used for rapid-firing nails.

It is very expensive.

Framing nailer is easy to pack with nails.

The coil framing nailer has an excellent depth change system.

It has a unique trigger that lets you choose between contact-nailing firing modes.

The cons of coil framing nailers.

Cons are also present. Below is a description of them.

This nailer could be more manoeuvrable.

It makes your hands tired after prolonged use.

This nailer weighs a lot.

The Pros of Stick Nailers.

The use of stick nails has many advantages. The list of them is below.

This nailer is lightweight, so you won’t experience hand tiredness using it.

It can take you out, even at awkward angles.

This nailer can be manoeuvred well.

A nailer is beneficial for medium-sized projects.

This nailer is long.

The cons of stick nailers.

1. Sometimes, this nailer gets stuck.

2. It can’t hold many nails.

3. Once you’ve used it for a while, you must reload it.

4. This nailer has a somewhat higher price.

When should you pick a coil framing nailer?

The coil frame nailer should use the necessary power and room while working on the project. The coil frame nailer’s large canister can hold many nails.

You can use this nailer to secure more significant projects. Nailers can also fire, which allows you to complete the task faster. You don’t need to use a separate nailer in this instance. It works well in corners and other hard-to-reach places.

When should you pick a stick-framing nailer?

Stick nailers are best for modest to medium-sized applications. The twin magazines of this nailer can hold up to 50-60 nails each. This amount of nails is enough for moderate to medium-sized jobs.

This gun has a tremendous depth-adjustment system. which enables you to prevent over-intrusion of work. The stick nailer is portable and small. It allows you to use it wherever you want

Due to the light weight of this nailer, working with it for a long time will not cause hand or body fatigue.

So which one is for you?

Popular nailers include coil frame nailers and stick nailers. This enables the nailers to make different designs on the body. To choose one of them, you need to understand the critical difference between “coil frame nailer vs. stick nailer.”

Their areas of specialisation are where they diverge. The coil nailer comes with a large canister. You can use it to carry out important projects. But, the massive bulk of the instrument makes it weighty. You can’t remove it as.

The Stick Nailer is a little nailer with exceptional consistency. Any small or medium-sized work can be done using it. Nailer makes light techniques easy. It is unable to support many nails. Thus, you must pick the one with your work area.


Coil-framing nailers are great tools for any project requiring a lot of nails. They offer a powerful and efficient nail-cutting experience. It has a larger canister which allows it to hold more pins than a stick nailer. They are heavy and less manoeuvrable than stick nailers. It should be used in larger projects. The right nailer for your project depends on your individual needs and importance.

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